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    Reliance Media, founded in 1990, has its roots in the publishing world. Founder Patrick McGuffin comes from a newspaper publishing background, having published daily and weekly newspapers and monthly magazines throughout Florida since 1979. The old cliché of having ink in his blood would probably be appropriate. The newspaper days were eventually followed by the printing company days where Reliance Media has served companies large and small with their printed products.

    Reliance Media offers complete in-house design for the creative development and production of any size project, from magazines and full-color directories, to business cards and forms. With large warehousing capabilities, Reliance can assist its customers by allowing them to print their items in larger quantities, driving down the unit price, and warehousing them in our facilities.

    State-of-the-art inventory tracking software is used by the Reliance team so companies with offices throughout the nation can all be served from our distribution facility. Real-time inventories are maintained and available to customers 24/7 through our internet procurement systems, allowing customers to order new products, release items from inventory or ask for new item quotes any time at their convenience.

    But the backbone distinguishing factor in doing business with Reliance Media is the company’s absolute foundation of customer service. Our team believes in predetermined decision making. We try and anticipate customer needs, problems and opportunities and take proactive moves to assist the customer.

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